PAK Noord-Holland 2020

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Internationale ABC 2020

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On 9 and May 10, Sport Dog Club “De CoenStadt" organizes The International Schutzhund Trial.


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This again promises to be a wonderful event with great facilities, like nice tracking fields, a perfect field for Section B and C.

We invited good experienced judges who have earned their spurs. 

For the Tracking we approached

Arie Stam

For Obedience we approached

Wim van Dijk

For Protection we approached

Robbie de Jong 

Arie Stam

  • Judge at several championships

Wim van Dijk

  • Judge at several championships
  • Participant world championship WUSV 2011 Kiev, Ukraine
  • Participant world championship WUSV 2012 Steyr, Austria

Robbie de Jong 

  • One of the helpers at the WUSV World Championship 2004 Netherland
  • Dutch champion 2012, 2013
  • Participant World Championship WUSV 2007 Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Participant World Championship WUSV 2008 Kentucky, USA
  • Participant World Championship WUSV 2012 Steyr, Astria (4th place) 
  • Participant World Championship WUSV 2013  Philadelphia, USA (2th place)
  • Participant World Championship WUSV 2014 Hagenau, France (5th place) 



Part 1

Dennis Koole

Part 2

Edris Fathi


Gert-Jan Verweij


Registration is already possible by the menu on the right

2 km from our club is the possibility to stay overnight. Information regarding hotel accommodation in Hotel A 7 we can send you on request.


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